Raising a child on her own has been rewarding but tough for Sarann Johnson Bonniface. Her problems were supposed to end upon marrying the wealthy Roger Bonniface and things seem to be going well. Strangely though, Sarann finds herself plagued by forgetfulness and mistakes.

Her 12-year-old, Abby, suddenly begins questioning the story she has been told about her biological father. Using the Internet, Abby discovers that she has been lied to and angrily decides to track down her father by herself.

Ex-cop Ben McElwyn deletes the e-mail he receives from Abby and is shocked when he realizes she thinks he is her father. When he left Sarann all those years ago to join the service, he had no idea that she might be pregnant. The possibility that he has a daughter forces Ben to travel to Farnham, Mass.

Having Ben resurface after all these years puts added strain on the already floundering Sarann. Is she really losing it mentally or is someone else doing a little gaslight number?

Popular author Antoinette Stockenberg returns with a spellbinding thriller that is both intense and riveting. (Jun., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith