Tracie Peterson has written four novellas for Christmas. These stories, spanning from 1942-1944, are moving accounts of how each of the characters from a small Washington town find peace during war.

In Coming Home, war hero and Pearl Harbor survivor David Cohen visits the family of his friend who died in the attack. In this deeply sad and heavy-hearted story, David wrestles with his demons, surrounded by the love of the Bennett family, and one member in particular: Rachel.

Remember Me separates Lt. Erik Anderson from his fiancie, the sweet Mary Ann. Feeling lost and alone, she suddenly finds herself in a compromising position. Both learn to trust in God and are eventually delivered from their situations.

Shadow of His Wings showcases B-17 fighter pilot Collin (Digger) Thompson, who needs to safely return to his pregnant wife. Brought up in a strict church-going family, Melodys parents disowned her when she became pregnant, even though she married quickly. Both have turned from God, but a test of faith draws them back and into the arms of forgiveness.

Parachutes and Lace sends Clara Campbell on a chase to find lace for her wedding dress. Her fianci, Capt. Michael Shepherd, has just moved to a nearby base and is attempting to get permission for them to marry. In this lighter story, Clara finally realizes that Michael is more important than lace, and finds herself blessed beyond imagination. (Sep., 304 pp., $9.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston