Before you make it to chapter one, Monique Gilmore-Scott asks her readers if they want to be told a story. She then wisely advises them to hang on, before leading them on a rollercoaster ride filled with twists and turns.

TIES THAT BIND WAY DOWN DEEP is really two stories in one. We are introduced to Kaj Richards and Dana Alexander together when they meet in a bank. Kaj, a construction worker, is very bitter about a knee injury that has kept him from making it into the ranks of professional football. Dana is a veterinarian who is trying not to be like her alcoholic, promiscuous mother. Through flashbacks, we learn about the ties that bind Kaj and Dana to their pasts. We also see how these ties have impacted their lives here and now.

Award-winning author Gilmore-Scott has written another winner. (On the shelf, 250 pp., $13.95)

Reviewed by: 
Chandra Y. Sparks