When voluptuous, witty card-sharp Lillian Teague AKA Tiger Lil learns her husband has died and left her a Maryland estate, she is eager to begin a new life away from the rough and tumble West.

No sooner does she unpack, when a handsome, English-to-the-bone cousin, Archibald Pierce, arrives. Fallen on hard times, he plans to find the legendary Creston fortune to save his skin from the most ruthless money lender east of the Mississippi. He doesn't plan on Lil's outrageous appeal. Though she sees into Archie's con-man heart, and doesn't want to be just another pretty face to him, she decides he's the man for her.

As evil Harry Donovan lurks nearby, Lil and Archie fear time is running out as the treasure hunt faces one problem after another: constant interruptions by the staff, an elusive burglar and a passion neither can deny. Determined to win, Lil plays her hand close to her heart. When time is up, she lets her cards fall and Archie finds his fortune.

This funny, sexy, smart romance is not for those who expect a petite, young heroine. Big-hearted Tiger Lil is all woman. Ms. Archer presents her tale with knee-slapping humor and adventure, a rich setting, suspense-filled pages and fabulous passion between her wonderful characters. TIGER LIL is a tale to warm your heart and make your toes curl and will land on your "keeper" shelf. VERY SENSUAL (May, 286 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black