Plump but athletic, business owner Lillie Bauer lives for the thrills of bungee-jumping and other high-risk hobbies in her spare time. She would love to find the love of her life but fears she's already met and lost him: Her childhood sweetheart, Ted, disappeared shortly after their graduation from high school.

No one but the spiritual love of her life, Jesus Christ, has ever measured up in all the years since. Then a crisis with a friend leads to a surprise encounter with an unusual man who just may change her mind and win her heart. But concerns for her sister, Tacy, who's in an abusive marriage, and for her ailing father, as well as for the survival of her business, could keep her from finding out. In the end, she'll need to trust in God, and not herself, to provide a miracle.

This story is a bit slow to engage, but once it does, Samson's trademark quirky style and unique plotting sweep you up for a wild ride through perils and heartaches redeemed by love everlasting. An engrossing read. (Oct., 320 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson