Image of Tiger Lily


Image of Tiger Lily

This re-envisioning of Peter Pan and Wendy is a dark and dangerous story of love and loss. Definitely a novel for older young adults, there are serious themes of rape, suicide, gender identity and murder. The narration by the self-centered but well-meaning fairy Tinker Bell is dead on, and Anderson’s versions of all the characters are wildly successful.

Tink has followed Tiger Lily for years, fascinated by the quiet, lonely Indian girl. Adopted by the shaman of her tribe, Tiger Lily remains an outsider due to her lack of femininity. She sneaks away to explore the harsh woods and encounters the vicious Lost Boys. She’s surprised to find they are excited to know her. Peter is especially taken with the withdrawn but rebellious girl. Tiger Lily faces tragedy when terrible events lead to her betrothal to the cruelest man in her tribe, and she must grow up quickly. Tink must do the same, even as she watches the people she loves hurting, unable to help. (HARPERTEEN, Jul., 304 pp., $17.99, ISBN: 9780062003256, HC, 15 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Raven Haller