Image of Tiger Magic (A Shifter's Unbound Novel)


Image of Tiger Magic (A Shifter's Unbound Novel)

Ashley returns to Austin, Texas, with this book, giving readers a hero anyone would fall in love with. Tiger has been abused and has no idea how to act in any society — either human or shifter. With no filters, even the instant-mate trope is given new life here as Tiger learns how love factors into mating. This nearly perfect book gives readers a romance with a hero unafraid to say what he feels and a heroine afraid of being abandoned yet again. It’s impossible not to fall in love with Tiger.

Tiger knows nothing of being a shifter but life in a cage. Even in Shiftertown, he doesn’t have a real home or a name of his own. When he meets Carly Randal, all he knows is that she’s his mate. He doesn’t understand the conventions around making her his, only that he needs her. Carly is soon drawn into Tiger’s world, where he finds he may not be as free from his past as he thought. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Jun., 320 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndy Aleo