William Tiger Taggert bides his time in a small English jail waiting until he can continue on to Scotland. He finds himself face to face with a woman who offers him freedom, but there is a price.

Melisande Mooresby will see that William is released if he agrees to marry her in name only. He seizes the opportunity and then discovers that this temporary marriage may become more than temporary.

Though Melisande has a temperament to match his own and a stubborn streak a mile wide, she is just the kind of intelligent, practical woman who intrigues the ex-privateer and bounty hunter.

Melisande believes she has chosen her husband well. Her grandfather will approve of William and then her sister will be free to marry the man she loves, the father of her unborn child.

William is determined to make sure Melisande cannot annul their marriage; he needs her inheritance to save his familys distillery and hes already fallen in love with her. Wooing her into his arms is just the kind of challenge this tiger thrives upon.

Though he ignites a deep passion in Melisande, abducting her to his home in Scotland sets them at odds until tragedy brings them closer, and William discovers that this lady has indeed tamed the tiger.

With spunk and originality Casey Claybourne creates a delightfully humorous, yet poignant story centering on free-spirited characters and a warmhearted storyline. SENSUAL (May., 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin