Sarah Abernathy has no choice but to find James Kerrick, Viscount Straithe, at the House of the Dancing Blossoms and ask his help in finding her missionary father in China, just when the Emperor has ordered all foreigners out of the country.

Not trusting James, Sarah stows away on his boat. James begrudgingly comes to respect her when his crew accepts her because of her knowledge of Chinese.

After finding the reverend and keeping his promise to Sarah, James makes a vow to her father on his deathbed, to take Sarah, her sister and brother back to England. Though Sarah is reluctant to accept his help, the Abernathys board a ship bound for home where James will have to facehis past.

Sarah believes her sister can save James from his dark thoughts, but it is Sarah who will be his savior. When their ship is sunk and James and Sarah are marooned on an island, their love takes on a special significance.

Though Sarah fears their idyll will be over when they are rescued, James surprises her by asking the captain, his old nemesis, to marry them. James is hailed as a hero and learns that Reverend Abernathy was right when he predicted one of his daughters would be the saving of James.

Ms. Lovelace has written a humorous romantic adventure that proves that opposites attract. The humor comes in many forms, including the multitude of positions to be explored in the translated version of Ars Amarata. One can only imagine This is a book that will have you both chuckling and sighing. SENSUAL (Aug., 349 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner