Image of Tiger's Voyage (Book 3 in the Tiger's Curse Series)


Image of Tiger's Voyage (Book 3 in the Tiger's Curse Series)

The amazing series continues! The third in the skillfully written Tiger’s Curse series is sure to please, with a love story that’s more complicated than ever. I recommend this series to everyone from family and friends to book lovers everywhere. With action, romance and evil bad guys, you’re in for a heart-stopping thrill ride. This will stay on my bookshelf for a long time to come. Houck knows how to make books come to life.

Kelsey is back and venturing out to sea in search of the magical object that will help her tigers become full humans again. But the sea is not kind, and the team quickly learns that this mission may be the most dangerous one yet. Faced with five mythical dragons, they must go deep under the sea to find Durga’s third magical gift. Kelsey quickly realizes that sharks aren’t the only thing she must be mindful of. With her beloved Ren’s amnesia still full blown, Kelsey must keep her heart safe from destruction. Ren’s bad-boy brother Kishan is fighting harder than ever for Kelsey’s hand — and she finds herself falling for him. When fate steps in, will Kishan and Kelsey’s love thrive, or will Ren and Kelsey’s love win out? With Lokesh, an evil killer, still after Kelsey, will anyone survive this epic voyage? (SPLINTER, Nov., 560 pp., $17.95, HC, ISBN: 9781402784057, 12 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Meera Patel