Manhattan career woman Kathryn Russell has no time or patience for the dilapidated manor house she has inherited on a small Caribbean Island. She has just agreed to marry her longtime beau, so the timing couldn't be worse. But until she sees what repairs are needed, Kathryn will be unable to sell off Charon Crossing.

The spirit of Captain Matthew McDowell has waited a long time to be avenged on his former love. It was her betrayal that caused his own death, plus that of his crew members. Now, finally "Catherine" has returned, but something about her seems different.

For days now, Kathryn has been having erotic dreams about a man she has never met, and when he suddenly appears in her bedroom and tries to strangle her, she is both frightened and outraged. It is all Kathryn can do to convince Matthew that she is not Catherine Russell, but her descendant.

She also faces another problem: what do you do with a spirit only you can see and touch? Their complex relationship is additionally hindered by the fact that Matthew is not the only presence in the house. The evil essence of Lord Waring is also trapped in limbo and he wants to destroy both Matthew and Kathryn.

Together they must defeat their common enemy, but despite their physical and spiritual love, what future does their relationship have, when their souls are separated by death?

Multi-published category author Sandra Marton makes an easy leap into single title fiction with 'TIL TOMORROW, a ghostly story of love and vengeance. (Feb., 384 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith