Author Patti Berg continues to refine her storytelling ability in this timeless tale of love, vengeance and redemption.

A massive earthquake in Los Angeles felled Elizabeth Fitzgerald's house and trapped her inside for three days. Following this, her brother Eric's description of an old Victorian hotel for sale in the small town of Sapphire, Montana, sounds like a heaven sent opportunity.

Jonathan Winchester and most of the rest of the town like Sapphire just the way it is. However, Elizabeth is the most fascinating woman to hit town in years, and both Jonathan and Matt Winchester, Jonathan's scheming cousin who sold Elizabeth the dilapidated Sapphire Hotel, are interested in her. Despite freezing temperatures and the hotel's run-down appearance, Elizabeth is determined to make this venture work, regardless of stories about the hotel being haunted.

Alexander Stewart has haunted the Sapphire for ages. Alex blames the Winchesters for his murder and wants vengeance. Luke Winchester, Jonathan and Matt's great-grandfather, murdered Alex, blamed a bank robbery on him and married his fiance, Amanda. Maybe Elizabeth is the one who can prove his innocence. Elizabeth finds herself caught between three very different men. Each wants something from her, but whom should she trust?

(June, 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith