TILL THE END OF TIME is a light-hearted, humorous romp of a tale. Ms. Elizabeth's portrait of the South may seem biased to some readers and all too stereotypical to others. However, the fast-paced short romance will make for a pleasant evening's read.

Scott Ramsey is a test pilot in the year 2001, yet the flights he takes are not in an airplane. Scott flies in a time-machine and up until now he has successfully avoided meeting anyone from the past. Scott's latest mission sends him to 1862 Georgia, and it is there he meets Rachel Warren.

Rachel cannot abide life with her aunt and uncle on Clayborn Plantation. Devoted to the Union, she detests all Southerners and the Southern way of life. When she stumbles across Capt. Scott Ramsey in a deserted field, she mistakes him for Capt. Remsby, the privateer her Uncle Thomas has been expecting. When Thomas arrives Scott has no choice but to go along with the misunderstanding until the time portal's return.

One mishap leads to another and Scott continues to miss his ride back to the future. He takes advantage of the situation to spend a few days in Rachel's company.

Rachel is not all that she seems. As soon as she has accomplished her mission, she plans to return to her Ohio farm. She had not anticipated her aunt's determination to see her wed to Beau Bodain, nor her unexpected feelings for Scott. Adrift in danger, the lovers find themselves running out of time.

(Nov., 240 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox