Newlywed Catherine Dunnan's only connection to her soldier husband is through the letters she cherishes. But she doesn't know they were written by another. Harry Dunnan married for money.

He has his colonel, Moncrief, write to his bride, but Moncrief becomes enchanted with the woman whose missives touch his heart.

When Harry dies, Moncrief visits Catherine and finds her ill with grief for the idealized man he created in his letters. When she overdoses on opiate, he saves her life and reputation by marrying her.

As the new Duke and Duchess of Lymond, Catherine and Moncrief's happiness is threatened by Harry's ghost and Moncrief's guilty secret.

With her special talent for creating beautiful, intelligent love stories overflowing with tenderness and poignancy, Ranney takes this classic plot and breathes new life into the tragic tale by adding a gothic twist. SENSUAL (May, 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin