Image of Time After Time


Image of Time After Time

Master storyteller Antoinette Stockenberg surpasses herself with her newest ghostly suspense tale TIME AFTER TIME.

Liz Coppersmith and her young daughter Susy have their hands full starting up a business and moving into their new home, a cottage that was once part of the historic East Gate Estate. Despite some economic downturns, the Eastman family still thrives with son Jack Eastman now running the family shipyards. Patriarch Cornelius Eastman's romantic peccadillos come home to roost when his illegitimate five-year-old daughter Caroline is dumped on the estate by her mother. Elderly Cornelius dotes on Caroline, forcing Jack to agree to arrange for a birthday party for the precocious five year old.

Liz and Jack seem destined to love or kill each other depending on their moods. Despite a bad start, Liz is thrilled when Jack hires her company, "Parties Plus," to cater the event. When disaster strikes, however, Liz fears she has ruined her chance to work for the uppercrust Newport set.

Liz discovers century-old letters that reveal the tragic separation of Christopher Eastman and his beloved Ophelia. Liz is more than a little disconcerted when she begins seeing the ghost of Christopher haunting the area. What does he want and why pick her?

An antique pin and trunk of old letters are the keys to unlocking the truth behind Christopher and Ophelia's star-crossed love. Is history destined to tragically repeat itself? There must be something else valuable hidden in those letters, for at least one person seems determined to do whatever is necessary to get their hands on them.

TIME AFTER TIME is a richly rewarding novel filled with wrenching loss, timeless passion and eerie suspense. A novel to be savored. (Aug., 420pp, $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith