In her thought-provoking novel, Pittman’s characters are passionate and opinionated. They question what they have believed all their lives. Readers will have a better understanding of Mormonism by the end of the book.

Camilla Deardon does not know much about the group of people who have camped in the meadow near her home, she just knows that they sing the same songs as she does in church and her parents have forbidden her to have any contact with them. She meets Nathan Fox, one of the Mormons, and is instantly smitten with him and his story of his Zion in Utah. She marries him and lives with him in Utah, but she refuses to share him with a sister-wife. She knows the only thing she can do is leave, but if she does, she must leave her children behind. (TYNDALE, Sep., 346 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans