Audrey first enters 16th Century Scotland while on a visit to Drochaid Castle with her parents. After walking down a mysterious corridor no one else sees, she bumps into young Brenden Ross, sixth Earl of Irvine. Their discussion alarms both. Brenden grabs for Audrey as she runs away, and pulls off her silver locket. She returns to her parents moments later, to find her father admiring the locket, just like hers, only now its a part of the historic belongings of the Countess of Irvine.

Over the next 16 years, Audrey dreams of Brenden often. The strange dreams, in which a woman is beheaded, are interfering with Audreys work as an Air Force security officer.

Brenden Ross dreams of Audrey, too, and has committed his life to saving the beheaded woman of their dreams, who is Mary, Queen of Scots. After he sees Audrey again, Brenden must keep her from escaping, to discover what the dreams mean and what she has to do with his mission. Brenden takes Audrey away from Drochaid Castle, involving her in his dangerous schemes, and making her more important in his personal life.

Jen Holling paints a wondrous romantic world of dreams, psychic phenomena and political intrigue against a well-researched absorbing historic background. Great reading from a promising new author. SENSUAL (Nov., 437 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger