Home for the holidays, Army Captain Mark Saunders is given the greatest present of all when he finds out he has a young son. When he left Essence Monroe—partly because he feared his feelings for her and partly because of another military assignment—he had no idea she was carrying his child.

Now that he's back he intends to make sure both Essence and his son are part of his life. With a strong sense of honor, Mark believes in family and will use any means necessary to accomplish this task. But he never counted on fall-ing more deeply in love with Essence this time around.

Each new Daniels romance is a true joy. She has a knack for bringing to the forefront heroines that are sassy and independent but retain their femininity. The passion that burns between Essence and Mark is sizzling. Smoothly written, this novel is highly recommended. (Apr., 291 pp., $9.95)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton