Image of This Time For Good (Kimani Romance)


Image of This Time For Good (Kimani Romance)
This Time for Good (2) has the potential to be a great story, but the characters are never fully developed. Carmen Green's usual comedic style and rich yet diverse characters are missing. Alexandria Lord Wright Foster is the 23-year-old CEO of her family's business. Her father and brother berate her with a hatred that is downright scary. Then she learns that not only is her husband dead, he had two other wives. Hunter Smith, a former military intelligence officer with trust issues, is dispatched by Alex's brother-in-law to bring her to her husband's funeral. He's inexplicably drawn to her. Getting to the root of her family business's problems and her dead husband's activities is important to Alex; so is getting Hunter to deal with his feelings for her.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims