Image of A Time to Heal (Love Inspired #461)


Image of A Time to Heal (Love Inspired #461)
Dr. Kathryn Thatcher has unfinished business with Seth Washington. They dated in high school and wanted to get married, but Kathryn left to become a doctor. They've both returned to Wilson's Cove to settle down, never expecting to have regular contact with each other. Exhausted Kathryn intends to leave medicine, but Seth doesn't believe she can, and he's worried about losing her to her work a second time. Both Kathryn's and Seth's conflicts have a real touch to them. Kudos to Linda Goodnight for penning such a strong story. Seth is also damaged due to a divorce, and it's interesting to see how he plays off Kathryn in A Time to Heal (4).
Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor