Image of A Time for Home: A Snowberry Creek Novel


Image of A Time for Home: A Snowberry Creek Novel

A story of a returning soldier, survivors’ guilt and military honor, this quiet tale is one of internal conflict as both army comrades and family back home must learn to go on with life. This is a well-mined theme, which makes it more difficult to do something original. However, this one is a very well-crafted version, with both characters and plotlines staying within the bounds of reality. It is nice to spotlight the ordinary people who serve to make us remember that we and our neighbors could be a part of this story.

When Spence was killed in Afghanistan, he left his parents’ home to next-door neighbor Callie. She is considering turning the old Victorian into a B&B. Then, Spence’s army buddy, Nick, shows up with the unit’s dog. Nick is recovering from injuries to his body, but not from his guilt over Spence’s death. When Callie and Nick meet, they are attracted to each other and Callie feels like she knows him already, but the wounds of war stand between them. As Nick gets more involved in the remodel, they begin to see the inn as a tribute to the memory of their shared friend. Maybe that memory can heal their hearts. (SIGNET ECLIPSE, Sep., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan