When an accident takes Tracy Hill's life before her allotted time, she is told that she must return to Earth. In the Heavenly Waiting room she recalls her past eight lives and is determined not to fall in love again, since all her premature deaths had to do with men.

Returned to Earth as an adult and with the memories of her past lives, Tracy finds herself in the body of Nora Wilding on the Wilding Ranch, in 1875 Montana. Tracy decides to make the best of the situation, but her good intentions vanish as soon as she meets her foreman, Seth Murdoch.

Seth cannot fathom the changes in Nora, his "little sister," the moment she awakens from her deathbed. Meek and sickly all her life, Nora must surely be suffering from brain fever to carry on so strangely. Suddenly she is never sick, wears men's clothing, says outrageous things and, strangest of all, leaves him aching in all the wrong places.

What ensues is laugh-out-loud, wondrous romance that will leave you longing for more. Ms. Kane's extraordinary talents shine as she weaves together the colorful threads of another angelic tapestry, complete with surprising twists, as Tracy and Seth unravel the mysteries of love and life. (Apr., 416 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin