Ms. Speer has penned an intense tale rich in historical turbulence and resounding with the chivalry of an era long since past. Theu and India's plight will bring tears to your eyes and hope to your heart.

Widowed India Baldwin takes her friend's advice and learns to use the college computer before her new boss and history department chairman arrives. But India hits the wrong switch and is hurled back to 778 Francia, landing in a skirmish between the Franks and Saxons. Taken into custody by the Franks who believe she is a royal messenger, India joins them as they ride to meet King Charles.

Count Theuduric of Metz, the Franks' leader, is not fooled by India's claim to be a boy. He also knows there is something strange as he saw her appear out of thin air.

Drawn to one another, the two become lovers. Theu cannot control his feelings for India, even though he knows she is from another time. And, Theu has enemies who would destroy him and his bond with the king. Margaret knows the outcome of Charles' upcoming battle and though she pleads with Theu not to go, he will not be kept from the king's side.

(Apr., 432 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox