Neva Ross has returned to her Louisiana roots to run the family business, while her grandmother recuperates from a mild stroke. Though the business is doing well, Neva faces opposition from her cousin, who wants to sell the land, and a prominent local family that once owned the land and is dead-set on reclaiming it.

Her only relief from constant stress is Chandler Macklin, the handsome businessman whose sexy smile leaves her breathless. Though shes sworn off men, Nevas will is no match for Chandlers persistence.

Chandler has heard the rumors about Neva. The locals claim that she and her grandmother are witches the broom-flying, spell-casting kind. But he can see for himself that Neva is a beautiful, sensitive woman whose talent and ambition make other women jealous.

The only witch in his life is his ex-wife, who seems bent on destroying the fragile relationship he and Neva have by turning his son against her. And if thats not enough, someone is trying to destroy Nevas family business. But it isnt until Neva is kidnapped that Chandler realizes his true commitment to her and goes after the woman he loves, determined to save her.

A TIME TO LOVE is another wild, wonderful romance saturated with Southern charm and breathless sensuality from veteran author Lynn Emery. (Apr., 320 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson