Image of This Time For Real (Kimani Romance)


Image of This Time For Real (Kimani Romance)
THIS TIME FOR REAL (4) by Yahrah St. John: The hero's conflict with his past, and the way it colors his present, will draw readers into the story, as will the heroine's passion for helping others and how it changes her life. Malik Williams, director of Harlem Community Center, saw the place as a childhood refuge for him. He is as protective of the center as one would be of a child and is extremely choosy about who he'll allow to provide financial assistance. After the death of her husband, Peyton Sawyer moves to New York from Ohio. When she meets Malik there's an instant attraction, but she's hesitant about a new relationship, and Malik is not one for long-term commitments. Can they overcome their pasts, their secrets and their hurts to forge a bond they both need?
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims