Rider Savage has only one purpose in life. Hes been sent back 500 years to find the Mother of all Deviants and kill her in order to wipe them out in the future. Deviants, or skipworths, are powerful psychics who are trying to take over the worldor so Rider is brainwashed into believing.

Dr. Kristen Skipworth hasnt been the same since her twin brother Skipper died in a horrible accident two years before. She suddenly feels a strong empathy towards something, and she is compelled to find who or what needs her so badly. She has no way of knowing that this thing that needs her so badly will also try to destroy her.

I felt as if I were on an adrenaline high throughout this extremely adventurous book. I highly recommend this book to fans of futuristic, paranormals and time travels. Its sure to satisfy on all counts. (Jul., 180 pp., $12.95 )

Reviewed by: 
Kathy Boswell