Determined to convince his brother Tony to see the error of his ways in wanting to marry Natasha Simonov, the old Earl of Mashham's ward, Kird Trevor Hamilton arrives at home.

It is not Trevor's intent to kidnap Natasha and secret her away on his ship, but the pending arrival of Tony's fiance calls for drastic measures. It is not long before Trevor's plan to seduce Natasha leads to a love beyond measure. When at long last they surrender to their heart's desire, betrayal and tragedy wrest them asunder. With her heart aching, Natasha and her twin brother sail for their homeland, oblivious of the devious plot that luyres them to St. Petersburg. Is it too late for Trevor and Natasha or will destiny prevail so that two lost souls will be reunited?

A TIME FOR ROSES is a rare and poignant glimpse into the shadowed realms of the human heart. With an elowquent pen, Ms. Coffman weaves words into a tapestry of beauty beyond measure. With the lyrical prose of a bard, you are drawn into the midst of her tale, captivated with the realism of her creation until you are completely consumed. With the repartee and humor much akin to that found in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, and the heart-wrenching woe of Romeo and Juliet intertwined with a love that is all encompassing, A TIME FOR ROSES will have you laughing and weeping as you share the love, adventures and sorrows of the beloved cast of characters. Definitely Ms. Coffman's magnum opus thus far! VERY SENSUAL (Jan., 472 pp., $5.99)

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