This up-to-date romance showcases the author's amazing talent, and has a little bit of everything including humor, time travel and a hottie in a wheelchair. It's completely refreshing to read a book which includes a hero who has more brains, heart and personality on two wheels than one on two feet. The love story balances out perfectly with the lively narration by our heroine, and many will find they can relate to her in more ways than one. Costa's wild imagination and keen writing style will keep readers on their toes as they breeze through this book which is quite an emotional roller-coaster ride and guaranteed to produce giggles and possibly a tear.

Wheelchair-bound and terrified of commitment, Adam Schaffer spends his free time inventing gadgets for his girlfriend, Claudia Williams. Claudia finds his gifts to be thoughtful and unique, but she wants something a ring on her finger. Adam's heart was shattered by a previous girlfriend and Claudia will do anything to make him forget about it once and for all so he can finally pop the big question. When Adam invents a time machine so she can travel back to 1997 to prevent him from the accident which caused his disability, Claudia gets a better idea. Maybe she can stop him from meeting the evil girl who is delaying their journey from growing old together. But, her trip back in time turns out to be quite an adventure and a lot harder than she imagined, and one false move could remove Adam from her life forever. (DEV LOVE PRESS, Feb., 236pp., $12.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi