Image of The Time Weaver: A Novel


Image of The Time Weaver: A Novel

Perhaps the most ambitious and groundbreaking of the Drákon series; this spellbinding story of shapeshifting dragons places Abé among the truly innovative of the genre. Readers already caught in her web are held captive by her exquisite storytelling and powerful prose. Soar with Abé and be breathless with awe at her talents.

Born into an English Drákon clan, Honor Carlisle feels like an outcast among her people. Honor discovers she has the ability to weave through time when she reads letters from her future self. She flees Darkfrith, heading to friends in Spain to learn how to handle the responsibilities of her gift. She warns herself not to seek out Prince Alexandru of the primal Carpathian drákons. But unable to resist the temptation, she surreptitiously watches him until their meeting. Their passion is one of soul mates, but their desire can bring about the culmination of a dire prophecy and the destruction of their race. By placing themselves in each other’s hands they prove their faith in loves ability to protect their clans or risk destroying them forever. (BANTAM, Jun., 336 pp., $24.00
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Kathe Robin