The storytelling magic of superstar Linda Lael Miller casts a powerful spell over readers in this mesmerizing fantasy romance.

With a swirl of his cape and the proverbial puff of smoke, the great Valerian makes an impressive stage exit after dazzling his audience and a host of other magicians with a series of marvels no one can explain. Of course, pulling off such tricks for real is a snap of the fingers for a master vampire at the height of his powers.

No member of the audience is more spellbound than beautiful homicide detective Daisy Chandler, but she must put aside her feelings of awe when murder leaves the star a chorus girl short. It is a particularly gruesome killing, as well as downright peculiar. All the victim's blood has somehow been drained away, and there are two fang marks in a very suggestive location...

But something else bothers Daisy. Vague memories of past encounters haunt her dreams. Is it possible that she has known Valerian before? Just what is the link that binds their souls together?

Ms. Miller comes up trumps in this intricate tale featuring the sexy, arrogant vampire destined to become an all-time favorite with romance readers of every persuasion. Long live Valerian! (Nov., 368 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
M. Helfer