On a mythical island in the North Atlantic lives a band of bold Vikings who sail off on voyages, returning with booty and brides. They'd be like any Viking marauders except that there have been no Vikings for hundreds of years and these same men have lived on their mist-enshrouded island, never aging.

To fill their homes with children, the men kidnap mortal brides. That is what has brought 300-year-old Hauk Valbrand to Antwerp, where he spies beautiful Lady Avril de Varennes.

Avril has mourned her husband for several years, but lately she has been having erotic dreams of another man. Perhaps the trip to Antwerp for a wedding will be just the cure she needs. Leaving her little daughter with friends, she goes to the celebration.

Hauk takes Avril as his captive, not listening to her cries that she cannot become his possession, his wife.

Hauk thinks she is only homesick until he learns of the daughter left behind. But he cannot allow Avril to return home. Not only is it against the law, but they have already fallen in love. Others, jealous of Avril and Hauk, help her to escape and more problems ensue.

Hauk is banished for killing a ruthless and evil brute, but this places his and Avril's life in danger, unless he can find a way to become mortal.

Part captive/captor, part "Highlander," TIMELESS is a magical novel that will more than satisfy readers of historical and new-age romance. Shelly Thacker brings a different love story to light yet holds readers with the powerful battle of wills, sensual love scenes and danger. (Mar., 377 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin