Image of Timeless Moon (Tales of the Sazi, Book 6)


Image of Timeless Moon (Tales of the Sazi, Book 6)

Dangerous and crazy are two epithets that have been used to describe this unique and powerful heroine, so it follows that she would star in a complex and highly perilous story. Each new Sazi adventure in this thought-provoking, intense series adds further luster to an already stellar body of work. Adams and Clamp are guaranteed page-turners!

For Josette "Aspen" Monier, being an immensely powerful Sazi seer means frequently forgetting what year you're in. It also means being a prime target for assassination. A century ago, Josette believed she lost the man she loved, Rick Johnson. But Rick is very much alive, and when members of the Sazi Council desperately appeal to him for help, he can't turn them down.

Someone is slowly killing all the Sazi seers with a spell; strangely, Josette is immune, and only through her might they be able to reverse it. Rick's sudden resurrection brings Josette both joy and anger. But all that will have to wait as they try to foil not one, but two, different deadly plots.

(TOR PARANORMAL ROMANCE, Mar., 320 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith