With her first time-travel romance, the multi-talented Ms. Gentry leads readers into a rollicking romp through time as we savor Blossom's continued faith in romance novels and their all encompassing ability to renew one's belief in the timelessness of love. A keeper!

Blossom Murdock has come to the Pawnee Bill Museum to write a story on the haunted painting. If one stands in just the right position, the figure of a lone warrior can be seen standing in the background with arms outstretched.

Something about the painting seems familiar to Blossom and she can't help but reach out to touch his hand, completing the mystic circle of eternity.

After an endless sensation of falling through darkness, Blossom recovers to find herself hand in hand with a stranger bearing an amazing resemblance to the warrior in the painting.

Pawnee Army scout, War Cry, has been searching for survivors of a stagecoach massacre when Blossom appears out of the mists. He believes she is the missing school teacher, Blossom May Westfield. He is thankful she is alive, though she seems to be suffering mentally from her harrowing ordeal.

Blossom thinks she must have fallen, bumped her head and somehow wandered into a tourist attraction and believes the virile scout and everyone else in the quaint western town to be actors taking their jobs too seriously.

Taking War Cry's horse, she slips away in the night and after traveling for miles finds herself to be in more trouble than she can handle. War Cry comes to the rescue and soon after she realizes what has happened, though getting War Cry to believe her wild tale proves quite another matter.

Unable to deny their overwhelming attraction, the lovers succumb to their timeless desire. Jumping from the frying pan into the fire, Blossom leads War Cry on a merry chase as he rushes to her rescue time and again, until in the end they must make a final choice if their love is to survive. (Apr., 373 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox