Caladonia Hornsby is determined to find her fathers killers and bring them to justice. She is almost upon them when a dive into the ocean allows her to escape. Unfortunately she washes up in 1990 and meets the devil on a Harley.

Narcotics agent Requiem Maguire first thinks the sea nymph is a druggie with a suicide wish. When he hears her fantastic tale of time travel, he knows he has a lunatic on his hands.

Since his code of honor wont let him abandon her, Req takes her home. Callie causes frightening complications. Req is on the run from drug dealer he exposed. Callie may be a target, or the spy sent to kill him.

Req must trust a stranger with his life, and not until he testifies can he discover the truth behind Callies mysterious appearance.

Breath-catching suspense. Chilling mystery. Sensual romance. Time travel fans get ready! Susan Plunkett has penned a winning, fast paced, edge-of-your seat romance that will entertain readers and make her mark as a true star of the genre. (Aug., 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria C. Ferrer