Image of Timestorm: A Tempest Novel (The Tempest Trilogy)


Image of Timestorm: A Tempest Novel (The Tempest Trilogy)

In the finale of her time-traveling trilogy, Cross once again brings readers into the world of 19-year-old Jackson Meyer and his girlfriend, Holly. For those who’ve read the previous books, Timestorm finishes out the series in a satisfying fashion. New readers and even those who haven’t read the books in a while, however, may be confused by the cast of characters, the multiple timelines and some of the details, especially in the first half of the story.

Jackson, Holly, Emily and almost everyone else central to Jackson’s life are stuck in on Misfit Island while Eyewall — aka the baddies of time travel — are still seeking to remake the world. As the Tempest agents, Jackson included, make a plan to escape and save the world (or worlds), things seem to go terribly wrong. It may take the ultimate sacrifice by Tempest to ensure that humanity survives. (ST. MARTIN’S GRIFFIN, Feb., 368 pp., $18.99, ISBN: 9780312568917, HC, 13 & Up)
Reviewed by: 
Faygie Levy