A Y2K computer glitch thrusts Gina back to 792 Bavaria, where Charlemagne rules much of the world, and right into Lord Dominick's bed.

Though confused by the time warp, Gina's knowledge of history helps her adapt to her new life. Her real problem is her growing attraction to Dominick.

Determined to prove that Gina is a spy sent by Charlemagnes queen, Dominick keeps Gina by his side. This proximity soon leads them to his bed. Dominick hopes that after a night of passion, Gina will confess that she is a traitor.

Thus, when Gina inadvertently overhears that Charlemagnes son Peppen the Hunchback is part of a plot to claim the throne, she and Dominick are plunged into a dangerous intrigue that takes them to the royal court where the Queen works her own set of plots and counterplots.

Add to this the-time travel element and the growing love between Gina and Dominick and you have a compelling read.

Drawing on little-known historical facts, and the special nuances of time travel, Flora Speer spins a medieval-style mystery that intrigues readers as a slice of early European history and as a paranormal romance. (May, 379 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin