Delightful, witty, enchanting and fun, Eugenia Riley's latest novel is a wonderful tale of a spunky modern woman who proves herself crafty in business as well as love. Ms. Riley's unique sense of humor shines in this love and laughter time-travel romance.

"Accursed tide, Bring me a bride." Priscilla Pemberton is mystified by the message she finds in a bottle while walking on Galveston beach. Seconds later she is running for her life as a giant wave washes over her, sweeping her back to 1880.

She wakes to find herself in a strange but familiar land, with an Irish rogue who insists on marrying her. Jake Blarney claims Priscilla for his bride. The sea had taken his first bride and it is only fair that it provide a second.

Priscilla will have none of him. He may be an attractive brute with an enchanting brogue and a gentle manner with children, but he would not do for a husband. Priscilla wants a man of culture and social standing, so she sets her sites on bank manager J. Ackerly Frost I, an ancestor of the man who jilted her.

Priscilla establishes a prosperous elocution school and enters Galveston society with Ackerly at her side, but Jake won't allow her to brush him aside. He takes every advantage to woo her most ardently! Priscilla is torn between her heart and her pride.

(Aug., 440 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria C. Ferrer