From sensuous details to the selection of symbolic names and introduction of famous outlaws from the past, Ms. Jac's novel will gain the affection of readers looking for characters with depth, feeling, intelligence and adventure, creating a time-travel page-turner.

Theresa Jane McAllister, better known as T.J. to her fellow police officers, is in hot pursuit of killer Jake Calder, the man who murdered her sister, Lisa.

As she chases the killer up a rugged cliff, she plummets hundreds of feet to her supposed death. Instead, she awakens and opens her eyes to see Chance Burkette, an 1881 Tucson Territory Marshall. T.j. and Chance are fated to fight an overwhelming attraction and to share the same sorrow at Calder's hands. So, T.J. and Chance must team up together to prevent more tragedy.

However, T.J. finds it hard to believe she has traveled back in time. At first, she thinks she is on a movie set, and finally she realizes that if she can stop Calder's ancestor, then she has a chance to prevent her sister's death. She dares not share her secret with Chance and will try to adapt to this time and wait for her opportunity.

(Sept., 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer