Amy J. Fetzer fans are in for a treat with the return of roguish Captain Ramsey O'Keefe. This is an exciting, captivating tale that delivers loads of action, adventure and dangerous love. Terrific.

In 1789, time traveler Tess Renfrew found true love in Dane Blackwell. When the rip in time which originally transported Tess returns, their dear friend Ramsey O'Keefe throws himself into the storm in Tess' stead.

Meanwhile, in the present, Oscar-winning actress Penelope Hamilton is devastated by the loss of her best friend Tess and feels guilty over Tess' "death."

Ramsey is amazed and somewhat bewildered to find himself so far in the future. He will have a lot to learn if he's to survive in the new century.

Penelope and Ramsey are stunned when Lloyds of London arrive with ancient bequests from their dear friends Tess and Dane. When Ramsey learns that the Blackwell family has nearly been destroyed, he vows to find who's responsible. Ramsey's adaptive abilities serve him well in this new time, but passion and tenderness ignite major sparks between Ramsey and Penn.

The key to the Blackwells' downfall and the attacks against Penn may lie in her shrouded past. Together can they unlock the truth?

(Nov., 416 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith