Image of Tomorrow's Sun (Lost Sanctuary)


Image of Tomorrow's Sun (Lost Sanctuary)

In Melby’s Last Sanctuary series starter, readers get a story set in contemporary times but they will also learn a lot about the period of the Underground Railroad. As the story unfolds, readers will love watching the characters get what they need most: love and the ability to start living life fully.

Emily Foster cannot make herself move forward with her life until she makes restitution for an accident that stole a young woman’s dreams. She plans to start that process by flipping a house. Jake Braden has to find a way to gain custody of his dead sister’s twin children, but proving that her husband is harming them is going to take time — time that he is sure the children don’t have. When Emily hires him to repair the house, they find old letters from people who lived there during the time when the Underground Railroad was in full swing. These new developments might put Emily’s plans on hold, but they also bring her and Jake closer together. (BARBOUR, Jan., 320 pp.., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans