Asia and Nick were college sweethearts, soul mates who never stopped loving each other. As they're reunited by the tragic, mysterious accident that threatens their son Isaiah's future, the love they once shared is rekindled. Will they be able to overcome 20 years of misunderstandings to finally be together?

Unfortunately, this promising plot is hampered by poor narrative technique. Instead of using narrative detail and dialogue to show what the characters are like and how they feel, Hudson-Smith simply tells us. The dialogue is so unrealistic that it is nearly unreadable in places. It's difficult to believe in characters who speak in wooden, overblown sentences such as "I felt your restless spirit before I ever saw the anguish written upon your face," or "I cannot wait to submerge myself in the swirling hot water."

Asia and Nick are interesting people with a positive message, and they're caught in what should be a compelling situation. Isaiah's struggles should inspire, but the weak storytelling and stilted dialogue prevent them from reaching their potential, and the romance suffers as a result. (Sep., 304 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Donna Carter