Once the darling of New York society, Penelope Parrish's life changes in a single night. The man who she loves beyond all else accuses her of infidelity, leaving her to face her secret shame alone.

Seth Tyler had no idea how to tell Penelope the truth about his birth and so he leaves, thinking to protect her from his horrifying past.

Years later they meet in Denver, when Seth takes control of a saloon where Penelope is performing. Seth is seeking vengeance and Penelope hiding a terrible secret when fate draws them together.

As Seth and Penelope slowly rebuild their long ago trust and rekindle the passion that once blazed between them, others connive to drive them apart in as ruthless a manner as possible. As killers stalk Seth and Penelope fears what will happen when he discovers her secret, the lovers learn that love is more powerful than evil, hate, vengeance and the past.

Heather Cullman merges poignancy and smoldering passion into an intriguing romance. Readers will find the independent Penelope to be very much a '90s woman and her courageous battle to maintain her freedom and to find happiness will bring a tear to your eye. Though a bit slow-paced, the steamy sensuality and well-drawn characters will keep the reader's attention. VERY SENSUAL (June, 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin