For twelve years Jack and Emma Malone have apparently had a nearly perfect marriage. With the addition of two beautiful children, their family seems complete. But underlying stresses and strains crack through the surface of their marriage following the suicide of Emma's best and oldest friend Marilyn.

Marilyn was very ill with cancer, and decided not to wait for the final blow. As her last request, she asked that Emma handle the spreading of her ashes. For Emma, the loss of Marilyn's love and companionship only highlights the distance between herself and Jack.

Jack is determined to get his marriage back on track. He plans a vacation for two in the rugged Colorado wilderness as a chance to reconnect. It soon becomes apparent that each of them has had expectations of life that are not being met. Jack is trapped in a job he dislikes and is jealous of the time Emma spends on her clothing boutique.

Since Marilyn's death, Emma has been unable to let go of the spirit and memory of her best friend. Since Jack and Marilyn never really got along, Emma feels unable to make Jack understand the depth of her need to find the appropriate place to scatter Marilyn's ashes.

When Emma hears of an ancient Indian burial ground across the mountain pass, she decides that it is the place she needs to take the ashes. Despite Jack's warning, Emma makes an impetuous trip that may cost her her life. Have Jack and Emma come to the end of a dangerous road both physically and emotionally, or is there still a way back from the precipice?

Kay Bergstrom's TOMORROW'S DREAMS takes an insightful and entertaining look into modern marriage and commitment. With all the external and internal pressures placed on individuals, can they find a way to triumph? (Oct., 224 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith