Image of Tomorrow's Garden: A Novel (Texas Dreams, Book 3)


Image of Tomorrow's Garden: A Novel (Texas Dreams, Book 3)

Book three of the wonderful Texas Dreams historical series will reunite readers with some old friends and introduce them to some new ones. The characters have issues they try to work out, but always with the results they expected. There is romance, mystery and the satisfaction of beating the odds to overcome the past and succeed at having love and happiness.

Ladreville, Texas, 1857: Harriet Kirk believes that moving to Ladreville will give her and her siblings the new start that they all need after the deaths of their parents in a tragic fire. She has an obsession with living in a house that is made out of non-wood material, so when she sees the house they live in she does not know if this will work out, but they don’t have any choice. Lawrence Wood is a former Texas Ranger who is now the town’s sheriff and mayor. When he introduces Harriet to people in the area, including Karl Kaltheimer and his parents, it is obvious to everyone but Harriet that Karl has his eyes on her. When accidents start happening to Karl and the farm, Lawrence makes it his mission to discover who is behind it and to bring justice and peace back to his town. Harriet and Lawrence will have to make some tough decisions that could impact their future. (REVELL, Apr., 400 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans