Image of Tomorrow's Treasures (A Seascape Romance)


Image of Tomorrow's Treasures (A Seascape Romance)

In order to preserve the company his father founded, Damon Adams finds himself blackmailed into helping old friend Blair Brockway spike her sister Paige's move back to Texas. Fashion model Blair has no intention of letting her fashion designer sister abandon what Blair believes is Paige's destiny in New York.

For the first time in a long time, Paige is looking forward to her life. She is elated to escape the back-stabbing rat race of the NY fashion industry. But Blair wants Damon to convince Paige that moving back to Mt. Pine, Texas, is a terrible mistake. Exposing Paige to Damon's obnoxious, 12-year-old hellion, Jeri, is a first step. Blair maneuvers Paige into believing that Damon needs her assistance in teaching Jeri more lady-like manners while they all visit the magical Seascape Inn.

Despite agreeing to try and civilize Jeri, Paige dreads seeing Damon again. When she was 12, Paige had the most awful crush on Damon, who of course never really noticed her.

To Blair, things get off to a terrific start as, true to form, Jeri does her best to alienate Paige. Neither Blair nor Damon expect the attraction that Damon and Paige feel. Seeing Jeri's actions as that of a hurt girl lashing out, Paige refuses to give up, no matter what havoc Jeri creates. Taking Blair's stubbornness into account, it may take a little ghostly intervention from Tony to save this burgeoning relationship.

Ms. Alsobrook delivers the final chapter in this charming, warm-hearted series. This novel is a delightful story of love, acceptance and following your dream. (Dec., 329 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith