No matter what the genre, Dodd's talent and gift for humor shine through. Her characters have their quirks and emotional issues, but they're readily engaging and really fun to follow as they squirm in deceptions of their own making. This is reading pleasure to the nth degree!

To help pay for her mother's ongoing cancer treatment, artist Meadow Szarvas decides to break into her estranged grandfather Bradley Benjamin's mansion and retrieve a valuable painting left behind by her artist grandmother when she left Bradley decades ago. The problem -- as Meadow discovers when she is caught breaking in -- is that Bradley no longer owns Waldemar House. It was sold to businessman Devlin Fitzwilliam. Because Meadow tripped and banged her head during her discovery, she claims amnesia, but she's horrified when, rather than turn her over to the police, Devlin claims she's his new wife.

Trapped and unsure of his agenda, Meadow plays along. As for Devlin, he immediately recognized Meadow as the granddaughter of the famous Isabelle Benjamin, and since tormenting Bradley is high on his priority list, this is a golden opportunity. However, what neither of them realizes is that a third party is after that priceless painting -- and is willing to kill to get it. (SIGNET, Feb., 400 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith