Image of Tongues of Serpents: A Novel of Temeraire


Image of Tongues of Serpents: A Novel of Temeraire

Picking up where the 2008 Victory of Eagles left off, this is an engaging and well-paced story. As usual, the highlight is the relationship between Will Laurence and his dragon, Temeraire. One of the best things about these books is Novik’s decision to make her dragons as intelligent — or, in some cases, more intelligent — than the humans.

Transported to Australia after being convicted of treason, Laurence and Temeraire are at loose ends after they arrive — the government of the prison colony is unclear, as the military governor (William Bligh, most recently of the HMS Bounty) has been exiled to an island and is awaiting word on his fate. In danger of being pulled into a precarious political situation, Temeraire and Laurence jump at the opportunity to mount an expedition to explore the interior of the continent. En route, one of the eggs they were guarding disappears and in the race to recover it, a most shocking discovery is made. (DEL REY, Jul., 288 pp., $25.00)
Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs