By now readers have discovered that Linda Lael Miller's vampires are truly addictive, so fans will seize upon this latest delight with greedy abandon.

It isn't easy being the daughter of the Queen of the Vampires, especially if you're mortal. Well, kind of mortal. Although Kristina Tremayne Holbrook has lived over a 100 years, she has not aged past early womanhood. And, of course, there are her magic powers that allow her to whisk herself away to visit her parents at the snap of her fingers.

Still, as she runs her antique shop in Seattle, she longs for a truly human life in which she can love, marry and have children. Her dreams seem to come true when she meets a handsome high school football coach, a widower with two young daughters. But how can she allow her love to put him and his children at risk in an on-going, high-stakes power struggle of immortals?

Not only will fans revel in another yummy, dashing Valerian appearance, hearts will melt in delight as a wonderful heroine stands by her man against all comers. (Nov., 352 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer