Galactic smuggler Angel Torrence is not having a good day. Just when she has enough money to pay off her ship, a terrorist attack blows it to smithereens. Angel decides to commandeer the ship Icarus when she stumbles over its dead pilot. She rescues a civilian, not realizing he belongs with the ship.

Gifted scientist and healer Yanur Snellen is on a desperate mission to help his close friend Colonel Nicoli Ramanof find a way to stop aliens known as the Harvestors. To protect Nicoli, Yanur transfers his friend's life essence into a cyber-hosted biopod while the Harvestors kidnap Nicoli's body. Existing in the ship's computer, Nicoli is none too thrilled to learn that his handpicked pilot has been killed. Since they're short on options, Nicoli will have to depend on Angel. Time is of the essence, and the Icarus crew needs to rescue Nicoli's body fast if he is ever going to be restored to defeat the Harvestors.

Add another title to the resurgent list of terrific futuristic romances. Robin T. Popp blazes onto the scene and delivers a truly unique, fast-paced, thrilling and sexy adventure! (Jul., 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith