This is an emotion-filled and sensual romance. Though the violence suffered
by the hero may be offputting for
some readers, Benedict pens an
enjoyable story.

A member of the peerage, Adam Westmore lives a quiet life by the sea, still mourning his wife. But his life changes when a young woman throws herself into the turbulent waves. Adam, determined that the sea will not take her as it did his wife, saves her.

The woman is Evelyn Waye, and she would rather die than be forced to marry the degenerate Prince Vadik of Moravia. Though under Adam's protection, Evelyn still fears the prince will find her. But she tentatively begins to trust Adam. Both have demons of their own to conquer before they can begin to accept the strong pull of love that can heal them. (Avon, Aug., 384 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond